Meow Wolf’s Weirdest FAQs…Answered

We address all of the most pressing questions coming through our DMs, once and for all.

Hello, explorers! Our guest experience teams receive a plethora of out-of-this world inquiries, and when we’re occupying your universe, we do our best to answer them. Unfortunately, because we travel interdimensionally on a minute-to-minute basis, some of these questions go unanswered. 

To start off 2023 on the right tentacle, we have put together a list of some frequently-asked questions, many of which we find a little bit strange. Y’all are weird, and we love it. 

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, contact our team immediately and we will get back to you no later than August 4, 3010 (Because: you’ll see).

Also, check out round two of Weird FAQs here.

faces of different creatures in shades of blue and pink with a hole in one of the mouths  leading to an unknown place
Rainbow Room inside Convergence Station. Photo by Atlas Media

"Are you a boy or girl?" 


“Random question - what is the brand of the sanitation product that you use? I smell it in the Quantum Stairwell, throughout Convergence Station, as well as at House of Eternal Return. I really like it. Can you share the name of the product with me?

We use a combination of Cherry Blitz, Natural Intentions, 404 Kleener, and Bog Water. Get into it. 

"Are the toilets in Omega Mart real?"

Yes. Try them out and ignore the stares. However, if you’ve created additional toilets with your imagination, please don’t use them.

a public bathroom area with urinals on the left and stalls painted in pink blobs with alien creatures on some of the walls
Bathroom inside Omega Mart. Photo by Atlas Media

"If I am allergic to shrimp can I still visit Convergence Station"?

It’s perfectly safe, but we do suggest you put on our Whale Song deodorant to mitigate any potentially enchanting aromas. Also, don’t touch anything that screeches and try not to walk on the floors. 

"What is the deal with the lemons?"

Unfortunately, some customers have confused Omega Mart lemons with lemons.    

If you find an Omega Mart lemon in the wild, please return the item immediately and don’t look it directly in its eye. If a return is not possible, please bury the lemon 100 feet underground and at least 7,002 yards away from the nearest water source.

Inside Convergence Station. Photo by Kennedy Cottrell

"What is your policy on shoes?" 

We support all forms of footwear as long as they’re unbelievably fashionable and/or float on water/air. 

"Where is the psychedelic room?"  


"Where do we get the bowling shoes?"

The bowling alley is located through the dryer. 

Looking t a dryer with the door open and a glowing portal within and a basket of clothes on top of the dryer. There is one bright light hanging above and shelves round the walls.
Dryer portal inside House of Eternal Return. Photo by Kennedy Cottrell

"Where is the bowling lane?"


"Where is the basement?"

The basement? What basement? Wait…are we in the basement right now? Help. Us.

A hallway with newspapers pasted on it and graffiti in black and white. The hallway leads to an unknown path with arrows pointing forward on the farthest wall
“How to Survive in the Multiverse” inside Convergence Station. Photo by Nikki A. Rae

"Is it true that there is a room where you can go into a crow’s mouth and come out its butt in an egg?"

Yes. But make sure you hold your breath when being hatched. 

"Why do you guys have “DO NOT ENTER” signs?"

Some portals are more stable than others. This is for your safety. 

"So what haven’t I seen yet?"

Identify what you have seen and work backwards. Here are 6 secret things you definitely missed at the House of Eternal Return.

Glowing coral in neon colors with a pathway through the center. There are lots of fish floating above and within the coral and the walls are black all around.
Gloquarium inside House of Eternal Return. Photo by Kennedy Cottrell

"Can you help me find the room with lights?"


“Where is the art?”

Where isn’t it?

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