6 Details You May Have Missed at Meow Wolf Santa Fe

Have you wondered if you’ve seen it all at the House of Eternal Return? We can guarantee you haven’t!

It’s no secret that the House has intricate details that would take weeks, perhaps years to discover. There’s a lot going on in that 22,000 sq ft exhibit. If we told you all of the secrets going on in there, this article would be endless. So, instead, in no particular order, we’ve compiled our top six favorite secrets inside House of Eternal Return.

The Weaver

Some of y’all may have seen this spider hanging above our beloved arcade. Understandably, a lot of you probably thought it was a fun quirky little surrealist piece. It’s definitely surreal but it’s a direct reference to a little-known science fiction novel called Perdido Street Station by China Miéville. The Weaver is an interdimensional spider, traveling through timelines and snipping away what they see fit in a chaotic pursuit of their own aesthetic design while speaking solely in freeform prose poetry. It seems like a very “us” entity to be sure, and we are grateful to Erika Wanenmacher for bringing the Weaver into our timeline.

The Lore of Sarah

pink dog-like face with large eyes inside a wall with a small cave around it and red lighting
Sarah by Paolo Puck inside the House of Eternal Return

One of our newest additions, Sarah (as made by Paolo Puck) is a delight! She has a wonderful attitude and the most fantastic dental work this side of the Rio Grande. However, if you get on her bad side, she has been known to completely restructure your molecular biology to transform you into glittery purple poop. She’s gone ahead and drawn it out on her home’s walls, so you can’t say she didn’t warn you. Fortunately it hasn’t happened in a while, but don’t count her out.

Mikey Rae’s TV

Two of our most beloved installations, Mikey Rae’s mural and the Squirrel Diamond are right next to one another but what is commonly overlooked is a small passageway in between the two. We don’t want to give away what is in that small passageway, but know it’s our favorite show right now. Possibly better than White Lotus, go check it out!

The Preserved Greener Pastures

Looking inside a grassy area with a small nest in the middle
Greener Pastures inside the House of Eternal Return

You know that part in Journey to the Center of the Earth (the book, not the 2008 Brendan Fraser flick) where the professor, his nephew, and the guide find all the fossils on the coast but also huge mushrooms indicating that the center of the earth is full of life? That’s an appropriate comparison to these preserved greener pastures found in the interior of the mammoth’s cave, courtesy of Liberty Yablon. Life always finds a way!

The Secret and Smallest Room in the House

This is, in our opinion, the most iykyk (if you know you know) rooms in the entire exhibit. It’s technically not even a room, more like a tiny glimpse into a portal. It’s so easy to walk past, and we aren’t going to give anything away as far as what you see in this diorama from Cannupa Hanska Luger. We’d like to think of it as the guardian of our building’s past (did you know the House was a bowling alley before we worked our magic here?), keeping an eye on the House’s future.

The Easter Egg in the Wilderness

sharp-edged shapes making up animal characters on the walls with a purple tinge to the room
Wilderness Room inside the House of Eternal Return

Finally, one of the best kept secrets in the exhibit is a room that isn’t much of a secret at all. It’s our well-beloved Wilderness room, you know, the one that has the fun music produced by doseone aka Adam Drucker that plays once you press all the dogs’ eyes! That may seem like a fun secret enough, but there is a second element to the sequence once the music starts playing. The buttons on the obelisk will light up in a certain order, and if you press those buttons as they light up, something...really cool happens. We don’t want to give it away, but just know we all want to help one another. Human beings are like that.

While these are the best kept secrets that the House has to offer, know that this list barely scratches the surface of what it holds. Keep exploring, keep playing, and keep being curious.