For Mikey

A poem for Mikey Rae, artist and creator of Legit Concerns.

the backs of two people walking away from the camera hand in hand, with the person on the right also holding a guitar in the right hand
Photo by Joey Prince

I. Sun

Did you see it, moving, all day across the sky,

a prayer in physical form?

Did you see it, in the morning, rising in the wintry air,

all flame and glory,

a perfect chariot pulled by his dog, white as snow,

a hound of God?

Did you hear it, laughing and burning,

singing our favorite tune, “Rose Garden”,

a love song for the flowers down below?

And did you see it, finally, sinking below the horizon—

a golden, hot stone, like the ones he gave me

along with other brightly colored things?

And did you feel it, in your heart, how it lit everything?

And have you finally accepted nothing gold can stay?

And have you realized it’s okay to fall in love with the sun?

II. Moon

If your heart is the moon

your eyes are the sun.

You are a man turned to flame, and

you burn so bright.

Shine on me until I become

molten lava seeping into the earth.

I will finally melt into being.

I will finally be alive,

the moonlight dancing

in my heart.

III. Rainbow

When the day ends, I want to say all day long

I was married to the light.

I was in your multi-colored band

waiting for you to sing the first note,

playing a rainbow like a guitar,

each string, a different color,

a different sound of grief.