Omega Mart: What People Are Saying

From what we hear, the Omega Mart experience is best described as: 🤯. Here are some top quotes from recent visitors.

We never get tired of scrolling through all of the incredible images our Omega Mart participants have posted, and your enthusiastic words inspire us every day. It’s so exciting to finally share this massive, brand new project, and we are incredibly thankful for all of the thoughtful (and sometimes pretty hilarious) feedback we’ve encountered so far. Here are some of our favorite reactions to the exhibit at Meow Wolf Las Vegas...

“The experience was so cool! All of the Omega Mart staff were kind and courteous and very friendly/informing of the exhibits. My favorite part of the whole experience definitely was the slides! I am 25 and for a few moments I got to be a kid again screaming and laughing going down those epic swirly slides!” – Robert H.

Giant blue swirling slides
Image from Meow Wolf Facebook


“My visit filled me with a sense of something that I had forgotten: wonder” – Art G.

Image from Meow Wolf Facebook

"An escape from the usual human routine" – Francisco S.

Boxes of "Oh, Those" cereal and "Corn of Plenty" plastic cereal
Photo by @garycyancer

"The creative work that was put into it blew my mind! It felt like a live action RPG game where it's optional to follow the story. It's amazing work and the overall experience was mind blowing!" – Marcela C.

Photo by @dh2design


"We are local and just went last night. Mind is blown. This is a MUST see when visiting. We all loved every piece of it and only left because you were closing last night." – Nicole B.

"Is this real?" keyring at Omega Mart
Photo by @jacitee

“Even my husband enjoyed himself.” – Cynthia G.

Juke Temple (inspired by Wurlitzer jukeboxes) lit in pink lights
Photo by @vvulfram

“Nice mix of things for people of all ages. So many hidden spaces.” – Scott A.

Large multi-faced heads
Photo by @sharedviewsmedia

"I was there for two hours and I felt like I had just scratched the surface" – Andrea M.

Glitter and lights across a canyon wall
photo by @tidalcaves

“The whole experience was fantastic. From the promotional videos I watched with my kids on social media, to the depth of the story and interactive displays. We plan to come back and see it again or try and visit Meow Wolf in other cities. I am a huge fan!” – Katherine M.

Lights and wire in the form of a tree
Photo by @dh2design

"This promo video doesn’t do [justice to] the out-of-this-world experience that this place is! Definitely worth the price of admission!" – Dina R. C.

Photo by @prettylittlem0nsters

“Absolutely loved it!! Soooo fun to go get lost in another world!!!” – Angela Z.

Photo by @dh2design

“Space is very inviting, welcoming, curious and free within the scope of covid restrictions. I'm sure it's not easy to open an interactive in-person exhibit during covid. But all employees of the space were so engaging and friendly I would go back just to be treated that nicely again :)” – Benjamin R.

One person holding another person to touch a giant flower
Photo by @flying.high.jade

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