America’s Most Exceptional Gift Guide 2022

7 Perfect Omega Mart Products for the Ones You Like

Whether you use the holidays as a chance to give or a chance to get, at Omega Mart, ‘tis certainly the season to spend! 

And where better to spend than at America’s Most Exceptional Grocery Store! This season, treat yourself (or others if you really have to) with some of Omega Mart’s most addicting products!

Party Platter Slides

These little piggies went to the market and brought back Omega Mart’s new Party Platter Slides! 

Perfect for: Holiday guests who don’t want to show up to the party empty handed (or footed).

Omega Mart Mug

The quintessential Omega Mart mug.

Perfect for: Those climbing the corporate ladder who love to reheat their same coffee 37 or more times a day.


12 green Omega Mart Happles sitting on a bed of grass. The Happles have mishapen bodies and faces drawn on. Underneath the container is a large sign that says “Happles.” Text is written on each side of the Happles container. To the left, it reads “Good source of vitamin E” with 5 additional e’s. To the right, it reads “There’s no such thing as a bad Happle.”
Photo by Atlas Media

The happiest stocking stuffer you’ll ever meet. 

Perfect for: Those looking for some personality in their apples, even if it’s a...difficult personality.

Daikon Snow Globe

A blue snowglobe with Omega Mart written on the base. Inside is a Daikon wearing a scarf as snow falls all around it.

Daikons in December. *Currently available in-store only*

Perfect for: Those who can’t resist shaking snow globes when walking through the store knowing they have no intention of buying them.

Garlic Temptation

‘Tis the seasoning. *Currently available in-store only. 

Perfect for: Those who love to get carried away in the kitchen.

Tattoo Chicken T-Shirt

A person in a short-sleeve white tattoo chicken t-shirt. The shirt has the red Omega Mart logo at the top, with “Tattoo Chicken” written in large yellow letters. A photo of the tattoo chicken is underneath with an additional note in the left hand corner that “The USDA had no choice.” The bottom of the sleeves and collar are both forest green. The person is carrying a tray of tattooed chickens, sitting on a bed of lettuce.”

Where family meats fashion. 

Perfect for: Those who prefer chicken ON them instead of in them.


6 bright yellow boxes sit on a grocery shelf. The center of each box reads in bright blue letters “Done.” Underneath, there is a tagline that reads “No time for it. You’re Done.”

This should complete all of your holiday shopping. 

Perfect for: Those who are absolutely over the holidays. 

And, of course, if you’re unsure of what to get those special someones, but entirely obligated to get them something, there’s always a gift card, good for any Meow Wolf location! 

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Have an Omega Day!