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The Japanese-style rice lager, “Day Ghost”, is a collaboration between Meow Wolf and Albuquerque’s Marble Brewery.

Just when you thought the immersive experiences of Meow Wolf couldn’t get any more sensational, we go collab-sies on an unabashedly bold beer with Marble Brewery.

Beginning on July 1st, “Day Ghost” will be available at all Meow Wolf exhibitions (Santa Fe, Las Vegas, and soon Denver!) and all Marble Brewery locations. The official Day Ghost release party will take place that evening from 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. at Marble’s Downtown location in Albuquerque, featuring live music from local duo, Sun Sounds, and special performances by Meow Wolf.

“Day Ghost lager is a really crisp, approachable take on a Japanese-inspired rice lager,” says Marble President and COO Barbie Gonzalez. “It has a very low ABV at 4.8%, which is extremely approachable. You can drink this beer anytime of day. It's perfectly balanced, and it's very, very crisp and very, very refreshing, but at the same time has layers of complexity that make it its own experience...its own journey.”

After working her way up Marble Brewery’s ranks from bartender to President and COO, Gonzalez has made integration with the community an integral part of the company’s culture, alongside an “amazing, fantastic, and healthy work environment.”

“I think that the healthy culture that we have is really important. I think Marble has always been Albuquerque-infused, but it's sharing the experience with other members of the community through partnerships. So, whether that's through the artistic community or with partnerships with food vendors, musicians, or nonprofits...there's nothing exclusive about it. It's completely inclusive in that we want to bring everybody into this sort of celebration of community and celebration of New Mexico.”

Not only does Marble have a reputation for celebrating the community, but they also place a huge emphasis on giving back. Whether it’s working with Camp Enchantment to help children with cancer or the Barrett Foundation to support their mission of ending homelessness for New Mexican women, mothers, and children, Marble continues to use their platform to make a positive impact on the region.

As for the Day Ghost collaboration with Meow Wolf, Gonzalez hopes to further integrate into immersive experience culture and to make beer drinkers contemplate the creative choices behind every sip. Of course, further awareness of Marble Brewery also means more opportunities to give back to the community.

“I think that Meow Wolf is bringing something very special and unique to what is already special and unique in New Mexico,” she explains. “That experience-based immersion is something that we're always talking about at Marble. Even though we're not necessarily doing the same things, we're opening up people's minds in two different ways. I think that this collaboration is really going to showcase the best of two very proud, New Mexico-based organizations, and what they can do together to create an experience for everyone.”

So, what can people expect from the Day Ghost experience? In our words...

The known world slips away when Day Ghost is uploaded to your bodily machine. Clouds part, new realities bubble, and an inner vista is revealed. Psychically supervised by Meow Wolf, this Japanese-style rice lager has been configured to taste crisp and effervescent, while maintaining multiple dimensions of flavor.”


The Day Ghost release party is Thursday, July 1st from 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. at Marble Brewery in Downtown Albuquerque (111 Marble Ave NW).