The Whos and Hows of Houston

A peek into the art we’re bringing to the Bayou City of Houston, Texas.

a pink snake made of metal cone shapes with a sign that says “Snake Oil”
We are bringing at least 200% more snakes to Houston! Artist Credit: Justin Crouch

Buttons in varying shapes, sizes, and colors on a large metal sheet
On loan from the gallery of buttons that are and can be.Artist Credit: AD&P Tech Team

*This is a button sample board for the Tech department, not going into the exhibition

a very colorful snail creature with large eyes and neon swirls on the shell
They are still inventing a word for certain textures on this guy. Artist credit: Jenny Ollikainen

two gray owls made of clay with detailed wings, looking down at a workbench. There are bottles and cans on a shelf in the background.
Two gremlin owls watch over their precious owl gremlin baby being birthed. Artist Credit: Karen Lembke

A metal trash bin leaning to the left with balled up paper flowing out of the top, defying gravity.
Hatching season is always so beautiful! Artist credit: Charlotte Thurman