We’re Not the Only Cool Sh*t at AREA15

While there’s plenty to be excited about at Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart, we’re not the only cool thing AREA15 has to offer.

You likely drop in here every few weeks to see what’s new with our installations or our team... Or to ask about the latest Meow Wolf exhibition in the making.

Ultimately, you come here to sate your curiosity about Meow Wolf, but we’ve noticed there’s something else you’re curious about: AREA15.

Everyone’s been blowing up our DMs asking, “What the hell is AREA15?”

You’re not the first person to ask and surely won’t be the last, but let’s settle this once and for all.

Government building? You can’t see us, but we’re laughing out loud.

Empty warehouse? Getting warmer, but still ice cold.

Convention center? At 200,000 square feet, it certainly could be.

No, it’s nothing like that, and you’re probably having trouble coming up with an answer because a space like this is the first of its kind.

AREA15 is the world’s first purpose-built experiential entertainment district. What does that mean exactly? 🤯

We like to think of AREA15 as a mall full of immersive experiences — one of the largest being Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart that you can explore freely and participate in.

So basically...cool sh*t lives here.

Now when we say cool sh*t, we obviously mean us, but outside of the walls of Omega Mart are 15 other, separately-owned experiences that create different kinds of playgrounds for all ages. Each experience has its own admission cost, so you can shop around and make your visit your own!

If you loved your Meow Wolf experience, here are just a few of the many things we’d recommend checking out at AREA15 before you go!

Eye Candy

It’s no secret (or maybe it is?) that there’s more beyond the shelves of Omega Mart, which includes some pretty breathtaking views that will have you wondering if you’re dreaming with your eyes open. But after taking in the visual sensations at Meow Wolf, step outside of the AREA15 building for great views of Vegas and beyond.


A photo of Vegas at night, the sky is lit with hues of blue and red. In the foreground a tall, winding metal structure, reminiscent of DNA, is lit up in red, blue and purple lights. In the center of the structure is a circular seating area that spins slowly as the ride ascends to give guests a view of the Las Vegas Strip and skyline. In the background is the AREA15 building.
LIFTOFF, one of the newest experiences on the AREA15 grounds. Photo courtesy of AREA15

Described as an aerial experience inspired by aeronauts and aviators of past, present, and future, LIFTOFF is one of the newest things to do at AREA15. Grab a drink and get ready to break the barriers between land and sky as you enjoy Vegas from new heights.  

Get tickets to this experience in person or online at AREA15.com.


Just one small step outside of our doors lies the entire galaxy? No, we haven’t been drinking, it’s the truth.

Illuminarium’s SPACE - Now Showing. Photo courtesy of AREA15

New to the experiential complex we call home is Illuminarium, a sensory experience that transports you directly into space using 360 projections displaying real footage from worlds beyond.  

If you loved the “Projected Desert” inside of Meow Wolf Las Vegas, Illuminarium is the obvious next stop.

Oz Experience

Looking to step away from reality entirely? Step into Oz Ride by Backlight, the future of virtual reality.

A blue and purple image of Oz Experiences. The wall has geometric triangles to the left and to the right lights a sparsely lit hallway. On the floor and the back wall of the hallway are the words, “Forget everything you know about VR.”
Oz Experiences inside of AREA15. Photo by Laurent Velazquez, Courtesy of AREA15

With various long and short-format experiences to choose from, this one is perfect for families with children of any age. Whether it’s saving the universe or chasing down a bird for a burger (yes, you’re reading that right), Oz is about to change your life.

Tickets for this experience are available in-person and online.

The Vibes


Oddwood is an open-space cocktail bar in AREA15’s main corridor. Photo courtesy of AREA15

At this point, you’ve been at AREA15 for a couple of hours and you’re probably dying for a drink. If that’s the case, meet us at Oddwood.

Located in the center of AREA15, you can’t miss Oddwood’s 25-foot-tall digital maple tree. It’s a mesmerizing display of art revering nature, with more than 50,000 individually-programmed LED lights on 5,000 leaves.

It’s the perfect spot for a quick beverage before you get back to business.

Lost Spirits

If you love to get lost in the multiverse, take a trip over to Lost Spirits!

A dark image that displays a wide table. In the center of the table is a silver platter with 3 perfectly placed bottles of rum. To the left of the bottles are two angels made of what appears to be gold. They both sit atop a ceramic vase. In the background, there is a tall silver container that has several spouts protruding from its top. One spout is connected to a container to the right, likely filled with whiskey. The other two spouts are being held by the two angels as they pour the liquor from the bottle into their mouths
Lost Spirits Angel Feeding Device. Photo Courtesy of Lost Spirits Distillery

Lost Spirits is an immersive distillery tour and Las Vegas show that resembles a surreal amusement park. Each ticket includes 4 glasses of 19th century English Rum and live entertainment. We love drinks and a show!  

This experience is 21+ so be sure to plan accordingly if you’re making it a family trip!

Meow Wolf a la Mode

Emack & Bolio’s

It isn’t just ice cream. It's award-winning ice cream. Emack & Bolio offers unique and decadent flavors like “campfire s’mores” or vegan ice cream options, chocolates, and smoothies. They’re also the inventors of the flavored cone, which means you can savor dessert until the very last bite.

A dark photo with Emack & Bolio’s written in bright green cursive. The wall art of the ice cream stand inside of AREA15 is decorated with white marker drawings from local Las Vegas artist, Pretty Done, and depict nonsensical drawings like music notes and alien faces. To the left of the ice cream shop is a collection of large ice cream scoopers glued to the wall in a circle. Three large crates sit on top of the shop, each with “Ice Cream” or “Vegan Ice Cream” written on them in blue block lettering.
Emack & Bolio’s is an award-winning, Boston-based company specializing in ice cream, vegan ice cream, chocolates, and smoothies.

We could go on and on, but typing with one hand and enjoying this cone with the other just isn’t working, so we’ll wrap it up. There’s still so many other experiences we haven’t shown you inside of AREA15, so our recommendation is to spend a few hours with our “helpful” Omega Mart grocery clerks, then spend some time exploring AREA15.

If you’re looking to make a day of it, consider booking tickets online ahead of time for all the experiences you want to do. Same-day tickets sell out early!