Introducing Meow Wolf’s all-star artist task force in Houston and beyond

How do so many artists come together to create one cohesive masterpiece? Explaining the process and introducing the brilliant minds at work in Houston right now.

Meow Wolf is like a soup made with shrimp, pickles, candy corn, and enchiladas; but somehow, these divergent flavors come together for a beautifully memorable meal. How do so many artists merge wildly different visions to create one staggeringly unique, cohesive masterpiece?

The answers to this question are Meow Wolf’s creative secret assets: the The Art Team Task Force and the Artist Development and Production team. The art team is made up of 60 full time professional installation artists, many of which have been working for Meow Wolf since its dumpster-diving glory days. They create a lot of the art you see in our exhibitions in a studio in Santa Fe, taking time to plan and utilize everything– from advanced technology to gutting vintage equipment to experimenting with natural materials. 

person wearing a red shirt, jeans, glasses, and a hat standing on a giant llama sculpture with wheels for legs
Photo provided by ATTF artist Patrick Medrano

When the ground is broken at a new exhibition site, the ATTF sends 20-30 artists to guide many aspects of the art construction process: mastering safety standards; on-site installation; applying the final artistic “frosting”; ensuring continuity and connections across installations and exhibitions; and perfecting this meticulous process each time. The local collaborating artists bring an authentic, inimitable representation of their geographical location, and the ATTF provides the expertise on how to craft a Meow Wolf exhibition. It’s a process that lends itself to exhibitions that are otherworldly and Meow Wolfian, and yet strongly rooted in each city’s unique culture. 

Each exhibit is permanent, standing as a collaboration between Meow Wolf and the cities it exists in. Every new site becomes a testament to the inspiration it instills in us.

A sculpture of a creature with large black eyes, a furry and scaly body, and big blue feet with talons.
Photo provided by ATTF artist Jason Vines

Previously led by the late and beloved founder Matt King, alongside Mat Crimmins, the Houston ATTF team will now continue to be led by Crimmins with the help of managers Elise Garza and Laura Davidson. 

“ATTF is Meow Wolf in its truest form, bringing together artists across various disciplines and putting collaboration at the forefront,” says Crimmins. “We are thrilled and honored to have this lineup of multi-talented visionary artists joining the team from Houston.”

The ATTF is thrilled to announce the hiring of ten Texas artists to create alongside them on the task force. These artists exemplify Houston’s culture and range from muralists, sculptors, sign makers, and even character designers. As part of Meow Wolf’s task force, they’ll be a crucial part of galvanizing the visionary collaboration over the next 3-4 months. If you want to learn more about the people who work on Meow Wolf exhibitions, visit our credits website.

A marble floor leading up to a mural of a tree with pink leaves growing in front of a purple mountain range with the side profile of a female-presenting person’s face with long dark hair and a blue robe.
Art by Jebhani, one of the ATTF team members. Photo by Joel Vargas

Meet the Art Team Task Force of Meow Wolf Houston.

Houston ATTF artists:

Mathieu Jean Baptiste

Edilia Bautista Fine Arts, LLC.

Hannah Bull

Caitlin Caselli

Mel Eason - Joybrush Signs

Patrick Medrano

Ibraim Nascimento

Lovie Olivia

Joel Vargas

Jason Vines

Meow Wolf ATTF artists:

Geoff Banzhof

Zeve Cohen

Maxwell Cohn

Justin "Detour" Crouch

David Cudney

Cheraya Esters

Chris Hilson

Sofia Howard

Jaelah Kuehmichel

Cha Maul

David Enoch McPherson

Lance Ryan McGoldrick

Cat Mills

Ben O

William Robison

Charlotte Thurman

Ilya Tinker

Nick Toll

Jess Webb

Cole Bee Wilson

Casey Warr

Wylla Skye

Meow Wolf’s Houston exhibition is being created in the historic Fifth Ward. In February, Meow Wolf announced a diverse ensemble of over 40 contributing artists from Texas who will work to create an electrifying addition to the city's vibrant cultural landscape, each grounding their unique talents in the intergalactic mosaic that is a Meow Wolf exhibition. Meow Wolf Houston’s name, theme, and opening date of the exhibition are yet to be revealed. The sixth exhibition was just announced to be in Los Angeles, California in 2026. Stay tuned for more information.