The Due Return


May 1, 2011


Center for Contemporary Arts

The Due Return was an inter-dimensional ship settled on an alien landscape.

From the original Press Release: Once a seafaring vessel, [The Due Return] now bears the marks of its previous voyages, a hodgepodge of transport devices and retro-fitted technologies. The ship’s interior speaks of its rich history and its passengers. It is a history that is discoverable through a vast fictional archive presented throughout the ship.  The foreign environment that the ship resides in is filled with alien flora, fauna, and fungi; glowing trees that interact with audience members, cliff dwellings sprouting mysterious fruits, and creatures that sing alien tunes. The project incorporates video, live performance and extensive interactive elements, to submerge the audience into a fully-operating fictional world.

“The Due Return” rejects any sense of the preciousness of the art object; it is a cultural phenomenon that reflects the raw energy of the youthful collective that made it. Just as the Disneyland ride, Pirates of the Caribbean, has grown beyond itself from mere entertainment into cinematic lore, “The Due Return” is potent as a fantastic backdrop; it is cerebral, as visceral as a pirate’s “aaarrh,” and lots of fun. — Visual Arts Source

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