Meow Wolf was created in February of 2008 by a group of young residents hoping to supply Santa Fe with an alternative arts and music venue. Meow Wolf has evolved into a central hub of cultural growth for a community that was previously without an outlet; using art installations and music shows as opportunities to form relationships, welcome newcomers to Santa Fe, and provide individuals with an open space to be expressive.

Since its conception, Meow Wolf has produced 11 large-scale, multi-media, fully-immersive art installations, a few group shows, a theater performance, an annual public performance event, and three award-winning short films.

Meow Wolf operates collaboratively on every level and is open to any and all individuals to take part. Participants of Meow Wolf are also welcome to create projects and lead them to fruition, using Meow Wolf's name, standing in the community, organizational structure, tools, materials, and funding to help their project become a reality. If interested in participating in Meow Wolf, use our Contact Form.